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Random Maze Generator This will show you how to create a Maze generator in Project Spark. The generator will build a new random maze in the classic style every time it runs. I will explain the kode and show screenshots for all of it and it's results. This tutorial will... Kode Basics
Data structures (linked lists and arrays) This tutorial explains how to make lists/grids in Project Spark, using a linked list implementation or an array implementation. Generic
Power Tiles This is a simple explanation and path to power tiles in project spark Kode Basics
Advanced Target Lock I was looking for a target lock tutorial for the longest. Mescad's is an awesome place to begin. I kept running into the problem that my character targeted the closest enemy, even if that enemy was already dead. This is just a quick tutorial on how to get around... Sensors and Projectiles
NA User Interface
RPG Guide I will go over: What is a RPG Story and Development The World Quests and Objectives Character Development This guide is about you and the editor, nothing more. A little hard work and patience will pay off. So when all is said and done, I’ll... Role-Playing Game
How to make two props have identical colors This tutorial explains how you can create two different props (in shape) with the exact same color. Miscellaneous
How to make your assemblies and brains searchable through the in-game search I have found how to make all of your custom brains and assemblies searchable just like the default Team Dakota ones. Generic
Twin Stick Shooter Tutorial How to Create a Twin Stick Shooter by Aabra. Shooter
How to Mix Icons and Text Mixing icons and text in a user interface. User Interface
Setting up a cut-scene and its mechanics for beginners Everything you need to know about cameras, paths, movement, camera effects and toggling between cutscene and game modes. This video also includes a few tricks like how to fade-in and fade-out, move on land or flying while focusing camera on targets and a lot of other... Cameras and Paths
Floating Damage Text Quick tutorial to show the amount of damage taken by an attacker as numbers that float up and disappear. Game Elements
Every Value (AKA Variable) Tile Explained Includes: Numbers, Booleans, Objects, Object Sets, Text, Vectors, Colors, Cameras, Brains. Kode Basics
Sidescroller Enemies Tutorial This tutorial is a sequel to the original sidescroller tutorial and will teach you how to create Mario/Donkey Kong style enemies for your levels! Side Scroller
Pinning Variables This shows you how you can pin a variable to properties so you don't have to set it in kode. Variables
Ray casting (Video) Here Mescad shows how to use the ray cast hit sensor in Project Spark. Sensors and Projectiles
Detect a Triple Tap of a Key/Button Instead of a double tap (a tutorial already exists on that), say you want a triple tap to activate a power. Controls
The Flight Compendium A walk-through all of the different ways to work with flight mechanics in your game. Kode Basics
Some General Programming Tips A few best practices when koding in Project Spark. Kode Basics
Understanding Global Variables This walks you through the global tile in Project Spark and how/why to use it. Kode Basics